Location: Stirling Dam, Harvey, Western Australia

Event: Possible Yowie Encounter

Date: 2002

Time: 1pm

[Harris River State Forest]






I went to Stirling Dam where I had traps set in this creek. I jumped straight out of the car and went straight in the bush to check the first lot and see one of the traps on the ground [had been pulled out of the water by the rope], and it had been torn open and bent.


I looked around and suddenly heard this sound like a roar and heard something in the bush.


There was something in there. I could hear it move and it was really heavy. I could sense it was really big and when it roared, I could see this tree shake and I turned around and pretty much got the hell out of there. I ran straight for my car and just kept going.


This was a long time ago, but something that’s always stuck in my head.


I could tell it was large. It would have been 200 – 300kg, easy, by the sound that it made and the noise as it moved.


When I arrived, I got out of the car and made a V-line straight for the trap. The trap had been pulled out of the water and torn open. There was nothing left in it. I reckon it had a good feed. That’s when I heard it. I knew I had to get out of there. I had another trap further down, but I didn’t even bother checking it.


The sound it made was kind of like a big grunt and roar. It’s hard to explain. Then there was the sound as it moved, and then it shook this tree. The tree was next to the creek and I could hear something in there. You could tell it was big. I’ve spent a lot of time on farms and cattle are big. This thing would have been over 200kg, easy. It was big.


It was probably about 25 metres away from me. It wasn’t very far, but the bush was thick along the creek and I couldn’t see it.


You’re not allowed I there now. They’ve locked it all off to the public. It’s a water catchment.


It’s always kept in the back of my mind. You could just pick up on its vibes. I just knew. I wasn’t hanging around. It pretty much warned me. I took the hint straight away and turned around and back to my car.




Years ago I think I saw a Tasmanian Tiger. I put a Dash Cam in my truck the very next day, but never saw anything since. It was at a place called Jarrahwood. There had been sightings out that way. Farmers had seen them on their properties. It was really early in the morning, and we had started about 2.30am. At first it looked like a Kangaroo hopping across but when I looked, I saw it had stripes. It just went into the bush and I kept going, but I thought that was really strange. I put a Dash Cam in my truck pretty much straight after I saw that.

I have had UFO sightings in the past if you would like to hear about that. I’ve seen a few things like that over the years.









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