Location: Tom Price, Western Australia

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2015

Time: Midnight





I was working for a mining company at Tom Price and this particular evening I was working night shift and heading out of an expansion site about 15-20 kilometres west of Tom Price at around midnight on the Nanuntarra Road (heading towards Nanuntarra), which is a gravel road. I was driving a Workmate Landcruiser with spotlights and I was driving about 60-70kmph. The terrain is scrubby.


This thing came out in front of me from left to right and I just hit it with my bulbar on the right hand side. I felt it, so I know he felt it too. I pulled over and turned around to see if I could find it, but couldn’t. There was no mark on the bulbar.


It’s been disturbing me for years wanting to know what it actually was.


It had really long arms, the entire body was covered in really thick black 8” hair that was in dirty scruffy locks. It just appeared and it was running on all fours, but it had arms. I’m a shooter and I’ve never seen anything like it. This had a massive body and its legs weren’t like anything I’d seen before and they were tucked right in. The arms were arms, not front legs. It had its head down. It looked like it leaped across the road.


When it came out of the scrub, it would have hit the ground once and I would have hit it when it was in the air. It was wider than the Landcruiser and if it stood up, would have been 8 or 9ft tall. It would have been a metre taller than me if it stood up. The ute is about 2 metres high and it would have stood a lot higher than the car. When it came in front of the car, its back was to the top of the bulbar, so about 1.5 metres.


It came out of the scrub with a massive leap and landed on the ground in front of the car and then I hit it as it was back in mid-air. Its head seemed to be tucked right down into its shoulders and it looked a bit hunch backed, but that could have been because its head was tucked in. I couldn’t tell if there was a neck or not. It was like it had its shoulders forward and the head was squashed up and tucked in there.


The closest thing it looked like is a Gorilla. It wasn’t a pig because we don’t get pigs out this way and it didn’t have legs like a pic and it wasn’t a cow. A Gorilla is the closest thing. It had arms and legs.


It gave me a bit of a shock.







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