'3 Aboriginal Tales', The Bulletin, 13 October 1954, p. 27.


The following description also comes from the south coast of NSW and part of a longer tale about the doolagari related animal, by Percy Mumbulla.


In 4itjeringa and other Aboriginal poems (Sydney 1970) Robinson suggests (p that the legend ofthe doolagarl may indicate that an extremely primitive man once inhabited the mountains of the south coast.]

A doolagarl is a gorilla-like man. He has long spindly legs. He has big chest, long arms. His forehead goes back from his eyebrows.


His head goes into his shoulders, no neck. They live now on Cockwhy and Polawombera Mountains. Luise A Hercus. The Languarges of Vicotria: A Late Survey (Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, Canberra, 1969) Part II pp. 392, 4443 474.


 [Included in this book is a survey of the scanty fragments of a southern form of Ngarigo, collected on tape from widely scattered informants. Ngarigo was once spoken in the southern Monaro region of NSW around Delegate. The fragments recorded are intended to supplement the work of earlier writers].






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