Liz James (Joyce Scissons) - 1970's Australian Cryptozoology Researcher.


From the Musgrave Ranges to outback cattle ranches and in every State - they are seen, and not all of them smell of rotten eggs - or any vile smell come to that.

1976 - Batesman Bay and Barclays Island (N. S.W) September - footprints found of bare feet, leading into scrub and trees - 18" long and 6" wide x 2 and a half' deep.

1977 - Tumbarumba (N. S. W) August. Witness John Crocker - 40 yards from Power Road at Talbingo, approximate 5.45pm. A yowie nearly l0 feet tall - footprints 18" long tracked until it's prints disappeared into bush.

Woodenbong (N.S.W) Photograph of a dog with stitches in it's stomach; said to have been picked up by a Yowie at a woman's front gate. She said "I do not think the Yowie meant to hurt it; he held it in his arms and was stroking it's stomach." Ginger hair found on gatepost. Photograph was in Lismore "Northern Star" newspaper + story - 10 th August 1977.

Also Woodenbong - woman saw a Yowie picking apples, turn and hold hands with another and walk away. Both ginger haired.

Petrified "hand" found near here - just the hand, orange fur, spotted white - the size of my two hands. Had six fingers, five were still there, the sinues of the sixth were hanging - had long hard nails - but the hand was not claw like. Fur was still on the inside of the hand. I also have a photo of this somewhere, as a friend actually found the hand.

You will have heard of the Yowies at the loggers camp at Carrai, near Armidale, who overturned caravans etc., - and of the prospectors in that same area who sighted a male and female.

Early 1980s - Kyogle - Minindee - Yowies often sighted - especially Eden Creek area - but none seemed agressive. Most were seen to have auburn hair. Grafton to Casino road was famous for its Yowie sightings too - just off the road, or even on the road.

Truckies travelling from Glen Innes to Armidale also told tales of Yowies - one who lifted up the front wheel of his semi-trailer whilst he changed a wheel (I think I would have taken off - real brave, me). He said he was so scared he couldn't have run - auburn hair on Yowie - he even left his wrecked tyre on the roadside and took off jabbering to himself like an idiot, he said. Others on that run to Melbourne - Truckes - have often seen them.

Jim Pettigrew, an owner driver from Mornington, believed he ran over a Yowie in the Pilliga - didn't stop.

I spoke to a 93 year old woman who lived in bush at the back of Grafton - she remembered as a little girl at the beginning of the century, in pioneering days, that a neighbouring woman had been raped by a Yowie and had had a girl child.

I covered this in a Pix/People article. This girl child was kept in an outhouse on a chain, and all the children there abouts were warned not of the bogie man but of the hairy man - the woman never seemed right in the head after that, and when she died her husband soon followed.

When they found him dead in the yard they looked in the outhouse - but he had let the hairy girl off her chain to go free; she was not there and was never seen or heard of again.
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There are those who say they saw two of the Yowies actually building a small circular wall in thick bush.

Fossilised prints found near Glen Rose, Texas are 21" x 8" ball, 5" across instep - found under a waterfall on Paluxy River, Texas. Stride 7ft. Close by 3 toed dinosaurs (trachodon), also brontosaurus, contemporary with the giant reptiles of the Genozoic era.

Pilliga area near Coonabarabran also has many stories of the Yowie - just in the brush or on the side of the road. Kangaroo Valley also had its Yowies along with the black panther.

Funny - I never ever felt threatened by the black panther, although it's paw prints were massive as you know. There was one paddock, up against devil's doorway on the mountain range that no horse would go into at any time.

We did see just once on a ledge that would have needed a mountain goat to reach - an auburn haired Yowie that stood looking down over the rugged tree-ed mountain side. Three toed footprints were found in the soft soil on the top of the mountain too - but what they belonged to, heaven only knows. I'll photocopy some of the articles I did, for you to have a look at.

Many funny things happened at that farm - and I might tell you they weren't all funny - a lot were damn frightening. UFOs had a habit of flying over and lights appearing where they had no right to be - big round lights that travelled over creeks and through fences. We have found that even with a camera - they do not photograph. One day I would have like to have tried the SX70 - it captured the images of ghosts where other cameras would not.

1978 - Queensland, between Townsville and Cairns at the tin mines in the Hinterlands. Reports of small furry "yowie type" creatures, who would watch the miners from the opposite bank of the creek, or up the hillsides on ledges.

At night they wore a plant that glowed - wrapped round the head; still standing on the opposite side of the creek. Although they often "chattered" - they could not be approached closer, and never came nearer of their own accord. These have been reported since - quite often.

Reports too from Charters Towers, out from Townsville, of the same small furry yowie type creatures. Even the bush Policeman had caught sight of them, now and then, particularly on the mine mounds just outside town, where there were tunnels and underground chambers.

Some people thought they were goats. Some thought of them as the "little people." Each year Charters Towers did hold a procession, and in front of this procession would walk a small person dressed as the "miniature" yowie. It was at that time a town attraction.

Up at Innisfail near Cairns a lady said a UFO landed on the beach near them, and a huge monolith was there in the morning with markings on it - but it was gone in the afternoon, only it's indentation left. I do have a photo of her with the footprint though, if I can find it - the prints were of five toes, 16" long, 8" at ball width, 5.6" at instep, with a 6ft. stride - around 7ft tall when running on toes and ball of foot.

There were three sets of prints - the second (18 of them down to the sea) were 19" x 8", with 6" heel; the third set of 14 to the sea were 18" with a step of 3ft 3" and a stride of 4ft 6" to 6ft 6". The lady said they told her she had a mission, and almost overnight became quite a good psychic. She died just recently in 1994 aged 64.

1973 - photo of footprints at Tully enclosed.

Early 1980s - Footprints - 16" x 5" to 19" x 7" were found in turned over land, which was getting ready for a new estate at Mt. Gravatt, and not far away others saw them in their back gardens - one even looked through a kitchen window here. Footprints also found at Miles and Cunnamulla. Footprints found later in Hinterland of Gold Coast.

Lamington residents caught the smell (bad eggs) and heard the thrashing through the scrub. Most of those seen close enough or smelt - all smelt bad, particularly in this area and down to the Gold Coast.

Near Mackay, Middle Ridge - Followed reports of UFOs and Yowies 15 klms on a dirt road. An old Aborigine taught me the "call" for the `old men of the world'. We were a team of six altogether.

We stopped the car and at nearly midnight I gathered my breath and let out this call as taught. Yes - I can still do it - and maybe one day if we meet and are way out bush in yowie territory - I will teach it to you.

We all thought nothing would happen, but in eight minutes dogs from miles around began barking; cows mooing and birds yelling (there was no other word) - then utter, utter silence. Until we heard the call back and crashings coming through the forested areas.

Well you have never seen six so dedicated researchers dive into a car quicker - or a car do a three point turn faster - as we took off down the road (very bravely) those who could looked back and saw something tall and dark come from the brush onto the dirt road.

We stopped about 3klms from the end of the road and tried to talk each other through the experience - as we did an oblong UFO the size of a football field cruised slowly over the paddocks to our left, blinking green lights.

As we gaped at this - from our right came the most god awful noise - all six brave guys and gals dived once more for the car - and as we took off we heard a horrendous frustrated roar.

I am sorry that none of us was brave enough to stay - and it is alright to say one would - until you are in that situation yourself - when your humanity frantically comes to the fore !

In the 1980s too, in the Tully area and the thick mountains beyond were the small people ... and Yowies. It was almost like being around an alien people with some we interviewed in these areas, and they were very close - wanting to protect them.

At Sarina - a housewife told of a brownish heavy fur yowie with an inquisitive face looking through her back window. Of course Kilcoy is famous for it's Yowie stories - they even have a model of a Yowie on the community park. He was at one time complete with manlike genitals, but vandals kept chopping them off the poor fellow, so now he is sexless - but still there.

On the other side of town as you go out across the little bridge (I do have a photo if I can find it) is where they usually cross - and it has "Yowies cross here." Again they do not seem to be agressive.

I have included a tape cassette of the Yowie sound recorded in the Nanango forest, by an illegal deer hunter, who had his tape recorder going with a deer decoy when he heard this sound and pushed record.

I honestly thought it was a fraud, but a Sydney recording studio, and C.S.I.R.O have verified that they think it genuine. The man certainly was - he was scared out of his wits and had nightmares for months.

In this same forest three men were putting up a fence for a youth camp when they felt someone watching them - looked around and saw a white Yowie up the track. It actually beckoned them, and one man followed it up the mountain for a while, the others would not - but he too got scared - in a lonely forest, on his own, being taken to goodness knows where. So even he turned back.

Out near Kokatunga past Bileola there were always reports of UFOs flying over the wheatfields. They kept sheep there too, and one isolated shepherd who seemed genuine enough to me (some of these stories I reckon you just could not make up) told of how his German Shepherd dog got real agitated one night, but backed away from the but door.

The shepherd got his double barrel shotgun and opened the door - not 12ft away stood a huge hairy creature, almost black hair, long. Without thinking he put up his gun and blasted it with both barrels .

When the dust cleared there was NO Yowie - but his footprints could be clearly tracked from the scrub right to the 12ft distance of his hut. No fur, no, bones, no blood, no bits - no nothing. He reckoned it went off like the 4th July fireworks. This was on an ABC program, filmed out of Rockhampton.

Not far from Toowoomba also - had their share of these creatures - another taped interview - which I've sent you. The most well documented was at Rannes though - with what we called the Roo Bear, for not only the people I interviewed on tape (also sent you), but local farmers and the bush Policeman had also experienced it.

Now this particular Yowie DID love little dogs, and often ran off with them - never to be seen again.









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