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THE diminutive Queensland National Party Senator Bill O'Chee is a complex character. His name is testament to his mixed Chinese/Irish heritage, and would seem to indicate an Irish sense of the ridiculous, as would his sporting interest - he is a bobsled competitor from sunny Queensland. But he is actually a very serious young insect. So we wondered what he could have been doing when, in conversation with a member of the press gallery last week, he was seen to start walking sideways while making haka-like movements and facial contortions. We found out. He was imitating the "Yowie" he claimed to have seen some years back, while out camping with some other boys. He even went on ABC Radio to talk about it.


SUBSEQUENTLY some wag of a senator dummied up a notice of motion, threatening to have the whole chamber note (a) that O'Chee claimed to have seen a huge hairy creature at the top of a hill; (b) discovered that "huge shrubs, whole shrubs had been ripped out" in the vicinity of the creature; (c)considering the amount of wilderness destroyed under the previous Queensland National Party Government, there was not enough bush left for such a creature to hide; (d) considering the creature's behaviour it was most likely a National Party colleague gone "feral" after too much Bundaberg Rum; (e) asking if O'Chee had ever inhaled.