Location: Kilkivan, Queensland

Date: 2nd Oct, 1979

Source: Unknown Newspaper Article

Reporter: Craig Stevens

Title: Yowie! One look was enough




Residents of Murgon, 275km north-west of Brisbane generally are sceptical about an alleged sighting of a yowie in their area, according to Murgon Shire chairman, Cr Bill Roberts.

A former resident, Mrs Roy Locke, said she and her husband saw a metre tall, hairy animal standing by the roadside near Kilkivan, about 20kms out of Murgon, when they were driving from Hervey Bay to Murgon.

Cr Roberts said: “I heard a report that someone had found ape-like footprints in our area, but no one I have spoken to knows who it was.” He said. “We have had our share of the super-natural, with many reports of unidentified flying objects and other strange stories.

Mrs Locke, who now lives in Theodore, 330km west of Bundaberg, said she saw the animal just before dusk. “It had broad shoulders and stood there looking at us as we drove past.” She said.

“We didn’t go back for another look and we wouldn’t have told anyone about it if other recent sightings weren’t reported in the area”.

Yowies are claimed to be relatives of the abominable snowman or yeti of Asia, and bigfoot of Canada and America.

Cr Roberts said: “I suppose there are a few belts of virgin forest behind Cherbourg Aboriginal Reserve 6km from Murgon, where a yowie could live without being disturbed”.


Chairman of Cherbourg’s local aboriginal council says there’s no aboriginal explanation for the yowie. “We have no kadaitcha men or witch doctors here.” He said. “But there is a small man called a Junjurrie who was seen here as recently as eight years ago. He was about a metre tall and used to play with the children in the old hospital. Several adults claimed to have seen him when they heard the children laughing at night. But I don’t know if he was hairy or not”.







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