Location: Bilambil Valley, New South Wales

Date: 12th Sept, 1978

Source: Daily News 

Reporter: Unknown

Title: Yowie on the prowl? Mystery Slayings in Bilambil Valley.






Residents of the Bilambil Valley area are concerned over recent slaying of stock in the area.

The residents claim an animal has been responsible for the slaying of several sheep, a couple of calves and many chickens in the area over recent weeks.

The residents are trying to ascertain whether the attacks can be attributed to dingoes, dog packs or perhaps a large marsupial cat. “Whatever it is, it has a Doberman and Alsatian guard dogs whimpering at the back door whenever it is about.” A local resident said this week.

The strange creature has been responsible for the slaying of at least three sheep, a few calves and several goats in the Bilambil-Piggabeen are. There have also been reports of similar cases where domestic fowl, ducks and goats have killed in the Duroby Creek area.


Piggabeen resident Mrs Christine Everett said yesterday neighbours had heard a strange howling late at night and the early hours of the morning. “Usually the next day people come out to find something has been slain.” She said.

Mrs Everett said the people of the area were most concerned at the continuing massacre of their stock.

“Each time something has happened at least one person has waited up on following nights with a gun and spotlight. However, invariably on the first night they decide not to wait up, the thing strikes again.”

She said the residents were mostly concerned by the fact that many of the dogs of the area seem to be terrified whenever the creature comes around. On a ring around of the area, many claimed to have seen a dingo in the area but none had witnessed an attack. Some have also come across native animals which had been killed but not eaten by the creature or creatures.


There are many theories spreading around the area on what is actually menacing the area but secretary of the Pastures Protection Board in Lismore, Mr Fred Grenenger said it sounded like a pack of wild dogs. “If nobody in the area has seen anything to the contrary, I would most certainly blame this type destruction on a pack of wild dogs. That would also account for the domestic dogs fear. A pack of wild dogs would most certainly put a domestic animal in its place if it went for them.” He said.

Mr Grenenger said he had experienced a similar problem in the area about 12 months ago.

He said it would be up to the residents to agree as a group to an eradication program to get rid of the wild packs. He said this would be done with a campaign of 10.80 poison if residents accepted.









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