Nepean Times, Penrith New South Wales

Date: October  10th 1903


Glenbrook (from our own correspondent).



On Monday last (8-hour day) this favourite picnic resort was well patronised, many coming up by the morning trains, in addition to the Presbyterian picnic from Penrith and the Jamisontown Progress Committee; and, altogether, there must have been some hundreds visited here on that day.


Glenbrook is an ideal place for picnic, as there are many splendid shade trees and grassy slopes, free from scrub, with an abundance of wood and pare water.


There are also some splendid views a short distance from the station and down Glenbrook proper. A mile or so on there is some good scenery, and plenty of big streams containing different kinds of fish of fairly good size.


The hairy-man has not been seen about here since last report, and it is believed that he has gone farther up the mountains towards Lawson.






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