Western Champion

September 8th, 1905





THEY discovered silver and gold over Euchareena way lately. They have also discovered an animal which popular report says is a gorilla.


Two well-known and highly-reputable residents report having seen the fearsome looking object. A youth, who unconsciously rode up in close proximity to the animal, received such a start that he hit out for home in record time. He has no doubt whatever but that the animal is a gorilla, though probably he has never seen a gorilla in his life.


For years past strange sounds have been heard in the thick scrub close to where the animal was seen, and a project is now on foot to form a search party and solve the mystery.


If the gorilla reads the papers he will have plenty of lime to prepare for his visitors. When the search party do succeed in locating him they will probably discover that he is a land agent in disguise, or a mining shark who has received some prior information about a - good thing.

In either case they will require to keep a close grip of their spare silver.


Mention of the search for a hairy man reminds me of the hunt for the yahoo that haunted the Weddin Mountains nearly a quarter of a century ago. The hunting party succeeded in capturing—the light that their quarry carried at night (a piece of candle in a lemonade bottle).






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