Location: Bateman's Bay, New South Wales


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: Jan, 2000


Terrain: Marshland







This was related to us, by our eldest son, who was 14, nearly 15 at the time. He is a big boy, and has large feet - size 12 or 13. He got a Mountain bike for Christmas, and it had been raining a lot, he was very keen to give it a go.


We said he could go for a 30 minute ride, and made sure he told us exactly where he was going, just in case he was away longer, we would know where to look for him. He was going to go along a track by the power lines to Sunshine Bay Road.


He was back in about 15 minutes, and came to where I was in the garage, and said "Trev, you should see what I just saw"! "I was going along the track, it goes to the right and becomes very narrow, I stopped for a rest, and had a puff of my puffer.


I looked down in to a part of the track, where it had started to dry, and there was this big barefoot footprint. You know how big my foot is? It was so much bigger.


From his description, the footprint was at least 5cm longer front and back, and about 3.5 or 4 cm wider than his shoe.


He tried, but he couldn't make the same depth as the footprint, it was 1 to 1.5cm into the ground.














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