Location: Bathurst, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Summer, 1970





The hill used to be All Saints College, a few kms out of town towards Orange. We used to do Cross Country over the top of this hill. You always had the feeling you were being watched. Often we came across cow and sheep mutilations.

One day it was snowing and we wondered up the creek. We were pulling a piece of tin out of the creek when we looked up and saw a figure up the hill next to the fence. The fence was 6ft. It was a good 3 foot higher than the fence.

It had no neck. The head was on the shoulders. I said Look how tall it is. Then it ran up the hill in no time.

We had another sighting at Narrow Neck, near Blackheath around 1973 during a Thunderstorm. It ran right through the group of us. It was about 7ft tall.




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