Location: Bathurst, New South Wales


Event: Yowie Footprint Find


Date: 1990









My father won't speak of the Yowie, especially around kids, and won't even talk even with My Mum or Sister. This is one of the stories he related to me.


My father and a friend were out riding their horses. They came to a fairly dry creek bed, and thought they would stop and have a rest, and give the horses a drink. Dad's horse got very nervy, and couldn't get the horses to go down the bank to the creek to have a drink.


Dad's friend looked down the bank and thought he saw something strange, so he gave the reins of his horse to Dad, and climbed down the bank.


He had seen this huge footprint in the fine loam sand about 12 inches from the creek edge. He was about 16 stone, and 6 foot tall, and had a big fat wide foot himself, probably about 16 inches long, he was about 25 years old then.


He stood heel to heel with the footprint, and there was about 4 or 5 inches longer than the toe of his boot, and about 2 or 3 inches wider.


He couldn't get his boot to sink in the sand. They just described it as a huge footprint, so we presume it had 5 toes as a normal footprint has.


Both horses got skittish again, and that was when Dad saw something in the bush, and said let's get out of here.


He said it did not sound like a kangaroo, as they have a regular thumping sound as they move around in the bush, this wasn't a regular sound, so they quickly rode off.















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