Location: Bathurst New South Wales

Event: Footprint Find

Date: 1984/5




In Bathurst, 1984 or 85, I was sure I saw a Yowie footprint next to the river. I wrote it down in a diary but haven't dwelled on it till now. I was not looking for Yowies at the time. I was visiting a main area where families go to swim on the outskirts of Bathurst and I crossed the other side of the river downstream which went into a bush area.

As I walked up the bank toward the bush I saw a massive footprint and at the time felt very uneasy. The print was natural, I remember now that there were not five toes but it was like a human footprint - my foot was nothing to its size.

I looked to the other side of the bank and upstream a bit where the families were and thought on whether some children were making a hoax but I realised that this print was immensely out of the way, most unlikely to be discovered and it just didn't look fake. I remember now that I drew a picture of it in my diary at the time.

As I stood there next to that footprint that day I got very scared and crossed back over the river and upstream where the others were.

I was thinking of that lately because of something that caught my senses around the area I live now in Lismore NSW. I really just wished to say - I believe in Yowies after Bathurst and I hope though that no one hunts one down - let them be.


J Stone Lismore NSW









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