Location: Colo River, New South Wales


Event: Audible


Date: Oct, 2002








I would appreciate if this report was submitted seeing as it is a very interesting story. My friends and I went camping to Summerset and we had set up our tent, which was at the edge of the large bush. We had our dinner and soon headed off to bed.


We had stayed up late talking and sleep soon over came us. As I was laying in my bed I heard my friend Kylie wake me up saying "Sara, Sara wake up. Do you hear that?" I opened my eyes to pitch-blackness and listened as hard as I could to the loud stomping noise in the bush. It sounded as if this thing was a person only much, much heavier and it must have had arms because we could hear it snapping the twigs and branches in front of it.


It was getting closer and closer and by this point Kylie and I were up right listening to the chilling noise. We tried to wake up the other two but they were sound asleep and had no idea what was going on. Kylie and I continued to listen and we could hear all the frogs in the creek bed suddenly stop.


Seeing as I live near a creek filled with frogs I hear them croak loudly and my dad and I can’t make them all go silent so whatever this thing was out there it must have been so loud and huge to make everything in that creek bed stop at once. Kylie and I started to panic a little.


Our tent was father away from the other tents and we were right on  the edge of the bush. We were frantically talking we wanted to turn the  torch light on but it would have seen us and the darkness scared us even more, we were talking so loud that it made the thing stop in its tracks as if it were listening to us and we fell dead silent, the most weirdest feeling came over us as if it were right there listening and watching. 


We then heard it begin to move again and it walked up out of the bush on to
the clearing and walked straight past out tent and continued up the mountain. I was just waiting for it to come into the tent luckily it didn't.


We found it hard to sleep that night and by morning we went to investigate and we found rabbit fur in the bush as if there had been a killing but we were unsure if that was any evidence.

Our guide had mentioned that cows had cone missing from the paddocks

completely without a trace he said that some animal must have gotten them. We didn't mention our story because they would have thought of us mad. How could a large cow me manoeuvred over a barbed wire fence by an animal?


It must have been some huge animal to lift a fully grown cow over an eight foot fence. We noticed that all the cows stayed huddled together in tight bunches and cows usually never do this, they stay far away from each other and this was very peculiar behaviour. Who knows what it was out there that night but it was very eerie, whenever we went into the bush we felt as if there was something staring at us continuously and it was enough to make us want to get out of there. Also Kylie and I would hear strange screams during the late afternoons and morning; something was making them up in the high mountains and it sound like T-Rex from the movie Jurassic Park.









Dear Dean,
Thank you for responding to my e-mail on the yowie encounter. I have found out what date the night was when we heard what was believed to be a yowie. It was on the 10th of October of 2002 at aprox 1:00 am.


The Summerset I am referring to is located in NSW, if you have another reports on this area please e-mail me, also I’m not 100% sure if it was a yowie seeing as I did not see it but all the evidence seems like the action a yowie would do, I have no idea what it was that night but it wasn’t a person, a person can’t walk through this thick bush at night and so carefully. It was big whatever it was and it was creepy feeling its presence. Thanks once again!
From Sara













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