Location: Coonabarabran, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Sept, 2009



At around 5.30a.m. I witnessed some great gorilla / ape / monkey hairy man here near my house.  The smell was so strong smelling like fish.  He is so huge and fast running, and hairy. I arise every morning at 4am and I load the truck early ready to do my run. This morning I had the feeling something was watching me. My hair was standing on end and the stink was still there. My little dog came out of the house then straight back in. It was too dark, I couldn’t see a thing.


As I came around the corner on my way back, my headlights hit it and it looked like a big ape. The eyes were unreal, they were glaring straight at me. He didn’t like the lights so he took off. He was leaning over eating something and then stood up. It was big. It looked like an ape.


I must say he really is so frightening to me.  He was crunched down eating something, he then turned and looked at me, stood up, dropped what he was eating and ran as fast as the wind. It had greyish long shaggy hair all over it. I wouldn’t want to tackle it. His eyes had a reddish glow to them. I thought heck, I’m not going near you. Its was over 7ft.


When it became daylight I thought I would go and look to see what he was eating, but it was gone - he must have come back for it and went again.  When I went to look, I could still smell faintly the fishy smell, which indicated he was still around, - but the smell had gone from the actual house. He left big tracks with 3 toes, but the trucks went over them.


It was the ugliest monster with such an overpowering feeling I have ever seen, and so hairy, and muscly.


The picture someone else has put on the web is exactly as I seen it, so I will send you that picture, as I couldn't describe it better. I always doubted the reality of anything to do with the 'Pilliga Yowie' as named this as really it is such an unknown what-do-you-call-it.

I used to laugh at people who say they’ve seen them. Not anymore.


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