Location: Cooma, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: June 1981

Time: 1pm




At their property on the banks of Cooma Creek just two km north of town, the Marion family found several of their horses slashed on the sides and back as if by a large animal. One mare almost died from her injuries.

Mr Peter Marion later heard, coming from a scrubby hillside overlooking the horse paddock, a curious, deep throbbing noise “like someone shaking a big sheet of galvanised iron.”


 Finally, on the same hillside, at about 1 pm on a sunny June day, Adam Marion and his friend Shane Goodwin, both 12 years old, ran into a hair-covered giant.



“It was just standing there beside a tree,” said Adam. “We could see it real clearly. It was huge, very broad, solid.” Its arms were longer than a man’s and “the head was stuck straight into the shoulders”.

It was covered, but not densely covered, with dark brown to reddish hair. “You could make out the chest muscles.”


From where the boys stood, 25-30 metres downhill, the creature’s eyes were obscured by a tree branch (later found to be six and a half feet above ground level) but they could clearly see its mouth.


“We just stood there looking at it,” said Shane. “then it bent to look at us … and it stepped … and so we turned around and ran straight down the hill without worrying about falling over.”


Adam seemed to be in a state of mild shock. His mother told us that after blurting out the story he went straight to bed and slept soundly for two hours - something he was never known to do in



The sketch below is by Adam Marion.








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