Location: Cooperbung, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: August, 2014

Time: 4.30pm




I was working in Port Macquarie and was coming home on the old Pacific Highway towards Kempsey. They had just started on the roadworks and were clearing where the new Pacific Highway was going in. Because they were doing roadworks, we were bumper to bumper only doing about 5kmph.


I was working at the time as a forest regenerator. I have a fascination with trees and plants and am always staring off into the bush. I’m a bit of a plant nerd. As a bush regenerator you get to learn to read the bush, as that’s how you pick out the weeds. If something doesn’t look right, it’s generally a weed. When you work in the field, you learn to pick out abnormalities.


I was busy daydreaming and was looking at this massive tree, it impressed be by the size of it. Beside it was what I thought was a burnt out tree stump. This was at a distance of 50-100 metres. I saw it clearly. When I looked at it more, it was the classic outline of a Yowie. It was just behind the shrub line, so I saw from the waist up. At first I didn’t even think of it. I wasn’t thinking of Yowies or anything like that, I was just looking at the trees and taking in the bush.


It was really weird what I saw. I saw a head, shoulders, arms, chest – all of that. It was the classic shape of what I’ve read and seen. It was about 8ft tall. It was big. It was wider than any tree that was there.








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