Location: Danger falls, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: June, 2010 




On Saturday the 12th June 2010 at around 1400 hours, I was walking along the path leading to the head of Dangar falls near Armidale N.S.W.

Something caught my eye off to my right. What I saw was a creature about 8ft tall covered in dark almost black hair. It was picking up and stacking rocks whilst throwing them at some kids in the creek bed. I think it sensed me there, and it took off.

I have always believed in their existence, but I am totally convinced now.

My brother has had a lot of Yowie activity at his place. He lives in Taree in thick bushland. He hears lots of screaming and has trees scratched and broken off at the base. His wife has seen one crouching down and sneaking past the kitchen window.

One night while a lot of screaming was going on, he could smell a horrible stench coming through a window, and then heard several run off. He said that they move at an incredible pace.

**** has found makeshift type shelters, made out of saplings and foliage, all saplings have been snapped off. He also has found a foot print and photographed it.


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