Location: Dairyville, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Jan 22, 2009




Hello Dean, I would like my name to be anonymous.


Myself and my brother where house sitting for a friend in late January in a town called Dairyville, which is nothing but scattered farm and houses in the bush. The tenant of the house had always told myself and my brother stories of strange noises and figures in the bush and to be careful going out at night, as he could never figure out what it was...


Myself and my brother arrived around 10pm at the house and sat down to watch TV, about half an hour later the crickets and birds surrounding the house go quiet.


 My brother and I had a look outside to investigate, and hear very heavy footsteps trek up the hill into the thick bushland. We think nothing of it and go back inside...about half an hour later this happens again. Myself and my brother are sure this time that it is no harmless animals and arm ourselves with weapons in the house and turn all the lights off but leave the TV going....

This process kept repeating itself every hour or so late into the night...each time the foots steps are at a different point in the house and are sounding closer. we realise the house is all windows and that whatever is outside can see us a very long time before we can see it....


At about 3am after hearing foots steps so many times that we are sh*tting ourselves that much that we have decided to leave as soon as the sun rises, we hear footsteps on the veranda. We stood up for a better look and see the milk crate (something that hasn't moved for months, as we go outside and sit on it to have a smoke) skating across the veranda.


Then we see a huge hairy brown figure falling down on the other side of the railings, as if we just missed it jumping over the other side...at this point all the night animals are completely dead quiet and we can only hear the crickets from hundred of metres away.


Myself and my brother left the house at daybreak arms with bows and knifes and haven't returned since





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