Location: Faulconbridge, New South Wales

Event: Friendly Yowie

Date: Dec, 1998

Terrain: Very deep valley with thick bushland



AYR received a phone call from a Lady who has lived with a Yowie in her Valley for over 20 years.

Being sympathetic of the Yowie, she was concerned about our investigations and the confidentiality of my reports. As all our reports are confidential, I assured her that I have no interest with sharing my knowledge of locations with any Australian Media or Hunters. Again she was very concerned that I may divulge information to the wrong hands.

We found that I knew of many people that she knows. A plaster cast was taken by her and given to Gilroy, he told her that he was going to send it to the U.S for Authenticity but failed to return the cast or even return phone calls, she was very upset and the cast was lost. It turned out that he smashed them all with a hammer because he deemed them to be fake! Charming.

Her Husband, son and daughter have all experienced 'their Yowie' on many occasions and it took special interest in their Daughter.

At night it would arrive to their house from the Valley and make "comforting tones", as she put it. It would also run its hand along the walls of the house at night. In conversation we talked of a well-known Dangerous Yowie that was suspected of decapitating a Man in a near area. The Coroners report was "inconclusive" and the typical words of "mysterious circumstances" were used.

Her 9 foot high Yowie hasn't been seen for the last 2 years, but we knew of others in neighbouring Valleys. Ellison Rd.





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