Location: Ewingar State Forest (West of Casino), New South Wales

Event: Audible

Date: Unknown




Gday Dean,

I've gone through the sound files on your Website very interesting one part of the recording did strike a nerve at the beginning of track 1, where you hear the man spot two of them by a rock and the following high pitch screech is very similar to the communication I heard at the forestry huts on top of Ewingar ridge. The sound reverberates into high pitch cry followed by a deep chuffing sound but only the latter changed in tone between each individual. They weren't rampedly screaming at the top of their voices.


I truly think my friend and I where being observed, as the communication between the animals was firmly loud enough but not ramped screaming like on the sound recording.

My travel partner has spent a lot more time in this country than I have and he recounted an incident at the huts several months earlier. It began with a hell of ruckus one night that had woken my friend, It was coming from the gully behind the huts crashing and bashing filtered through the dense gully.


Not being afraid, my friend walked around the huts and to the edge of the gully. Everything went quiet, then a low pitch growl that intensified to a dull roar, scared sh*tless he grabbed a fair sized rock and through it in to the gully. Both it and my friend retreated. It went crashing through the undergrowth.


I had a laugh my friend had told me how he had placed a broom stick behind the door of the hut he was terrified.

My friend and I are planning a trip to Ewingar forestry huts weekend after Easter, this time with sound recorders and cameras.


We are prepared to put time and money into what we believe is a rare opportunity.   





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