Location: Between Glen Innes and Grafton, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Oct, 2006



Since chancing upon a yowie in 1995, Glen Innes landscape gardener Paul has spent many hundreds of hours researching the mystery and has experienced three more sightings. The most recent of these occurred, ironically, some distance from his usual area, while he was fully occupied with other matters:

Paul states: “I was travelling east along a gravel road, commonly known as the Old Grafton Road, 88 km from Glen Innes. It is quite narrow and when you get closer to the river it narrows to the point that you need to back up should you meet an approaching vehicle. I was watching ahead for traffic, and as I approached a right hand bend I looked through some trees to the next corner and I could see an animal which I thought was a horse.

I was probably about 150 metres from the animal with only a partial view at what I was looking at. I continued around the corner and what stood before me was no horse. This bipedal animal stood approx 190cm (6ft 6").

It stood with a stoop and was very solidly built. Its hair was matted and the main colour was a dark orangey/brown with lighter orange streaks throughout its body. Facial features appeared to be dark. The animal was only there for a few seconds as I approached it and leapt down over an embankment into some Lantana.

I pulled the vehicle up but could not make out any signs of the animal. I stayed there for some time but did not hear or see it again. I did, however, find a large sapling that had been pulled out of the ground, roots and all, and at the base of that tree was what appeared to be a heel print. Further along the road I found a vertical bank that had been excavated with a stick.

There were about six large holes that had been dug out and the stick was still in one of the holes, the [Inverell] police are trying to get some fingerprints off the stick for me.




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