Location: West of Grafton, New South Wales

Event: Road Side Sighting

Date: Summer 1974

Source: Grafton Examiner. April, 1990.



A Grafton man is set to join the latest North Coast Yowie hunt, with a report of a sighting of the fabled beast near Grafton 16 years ago. Mr. Michael Allison of South Grafton and his two brothers spotted what they firmly believe was a Yowie on the Grafton-Casino road, one night in the summer of 1974.


Mr. Allison said yesterday the three were traveling home from a speedway meeting in Lismore when they were confronted by the creature on the roadway between Whixorie and casino.


"It was about 12.30 or 1am, and we were all stone cold sober," he said yesterday. "We had on full beam lights and driving lights and we saw this creature just crossing the road. It stopped facing us, just as though it had been dazzled by the lights and then stumbled away. It was about two metres tall and about a metre across the shoulders, with a Gorilla or Neanderthal type head. It was stooped at the shoulders and covered with long, dark fur or hair."


Mr. Allison said all three brothers in the car had seen the animal on the road and the descriptions tallied when they compared what each other had seen.


"We didn't tell anyone except the family at the time, because people sling off at that sort of thing." Mr. Allison said he had since spoken to other people who had reported strange experiences along the same stretch of road. One man told him of a sighting on a windless night when the bushes and trees off the road had been violently shaken and agitated by some creature that then made off "in a blur."



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