Location: Grafton (Coutts Crossing), New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: July/August 2014

Time: Midnight





I was dropping a girl home from Youth Group on a Friday night and heading back to Coutts Crossing along Rushforth Road.


I wasn’t driving fast. I came to a rickety wooden bridge (Orara River) and it turns to one lane because is one way and goes into a dip and back up. As I came up off the bridge, it comes to a hairpin bend to the left and you have to go down to second gear, so I had slowed right down, and there was this creature on the right side of the road standing in a gravel patch.


Picture of the Wooden Bridge.


Picture of where the Yowie was standing on the right hand side on the other side of the bridge.


It was absolutely frozen, it didn’t move at all. The only thing that moved was its eyes. I was in the driver’s seat, so I was very close because its only one lane and its eyes looked at me. I looked at it and then it looked straight ahead and just froze. I fumbled around with the gears because I was in shock, and I think I went down to about 1st gear to get up the hill. I looked in the mirror and couldn’t see it. All I had was the glow of the tail lights.


It looked like it was going to cross the road. It really did shake me up. I was driving a Landcruiser with my high beams on. I saw it as soon as I came off the bridge – it was right there. It was too late to do anything, so I kept driving. It just froze. I looked in the mirrors and couldn’t see anything, I don’t know if it was gone or backed into the bushes. I had slowed down to about 5kmph.


The sharp bend and hill immediately after the bridge.


My husband is 6’2” and it was bigger than that, and bulkier. It was bigger than anything that I have ever seen. It reminded me of a Silverback Gorilla. It was muscular and huge. Its head was like a block. It was hunched over and it was the height of my Landcruiser. It was as tall as that while hunched over. My husband it 100kg and this was double that. It had a huge chunky body mass. It had solid shoulders and no neck like it had been stuck on its shoulders. It had a big eye ridge and a big head that sat on the shoulders. It was a reddish brown colour. Its hair was fairly short all over but on its arms it had long taily bits that hung down like an orangutan.


It had yellow eyes. I could see its pupil’s. It looked at me and then straight ahead like it was hoping I hadn’t seen it. They eyes were bright yellow, not reflecting, perhaps self-illuminating. They were quite large and didn’t blink. It had a heavy brow ridge like a Neanderthal. It was very broad.  


It had a heavy jaw, but no neck. All muscly like a bodybuilder. The hair was shorter on the face. I could only see the skin around its nose and eyes. The nose was like two holes with dark skin, and it was like an ape’s nose. Just nostrils and it didn’t have a mouth like a human. The head was squarish, sort of like an obese person. Its head just sat on its shoulders. There was almost like a roll of fat on the back of the neck.


Its upper chest was huge. Huge arms and biceps and shoulders. The arms were long. I knew straight away that it wasn’t human. It had the proportions of an Ape. The legs were stocky. The arms were longer.


It was a mature adult male in his prime. Probably late 20’s or early 30’s. He was a buff creature.



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