Location: Woy Woy, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1995


"Old Fire Hands"




Brisbane Water National Park. Woy Woy Tip. 


I thought I was mad there for a while as not many people believed me except my mates who were there at the time, it was in the Brisbane Water National Park (near the Hawkesbury river in NSW and it was pretty strange).


I will give you the short of it...........


I am now a soldier in the Regular Army serving in Afghanistan, and I have been keen on soldering for many years as a young boy and as a teenager. I was in the cadets at the time  of the sighting, and I was in year ten at high school, I was supposed to be going to a blue light disco with my girl friend, but I blew that off for a camping trip at this cave up there in the bush that me and some other cadets found a few months before whilst on a bush trip.


I was high in the mountains, about 1.5 Kms away from Wondabyne Trig. At this area which is a spot elevation, and around about 930.


I felt guilty that I had blown off the disco for the camping trip, so myself and my mates left the camp site, and ventured into town it would have been a startling site to see about 6 youths dressed in full camouflage and heading to the disco to greet her.


In the end we got there as the disco finished, and I just missed her, but I ran into my best mate who loved the bush and camping as much as I did and he decided to grab his stuff and join us.

We walked in the darkness up the windy road to the tip, which ultimately led to the fire trail which led to  the camping site and as we got close to the garbage tip, we seen a small fire burning up on the tip, which we thought was a little strange, but we just figured that the tip staff had a controlled burn to eliminate some of the garbage.

Well we then looked up at the hill and saw a very tall bloke with longish hair stand up and all we could see was his silhouette as it was very dark, it appeared that he was wearing raggy torn up clothing, but we couldn't really see that well as he was between us and this fire.


Now this is the strange part, this thing looked down at us from the hill, as if almost he could smell us, and then it crouched down and started bashing out the fire with its bear hands.

I was pretty scared as were the blokes I was with so we stayed behind the cover of a few shrubs next to the trail so he couldn't see us, but we could still see what he was doing, any way after he bashed out the fire he picked up a stick that was still red and like a torch and run toward the hill in the opposite direction from us, at such an incredible speed, it was unbelievable, but it happened, within a few seconds he was gone.


We just though it must have been a mad man who was living in the hills scavenging from the tip, but to bash out a fire with his bare hands was something out of the ordinary, plus the speed he ran at, well a bit too fast for me and to run blindly uphill just smashing through the bush. We were glad he didn't run toward us.

My mate who was with me said it was a yowie, and the only thing I said was that it was a madman.


We talked about this strange thing all night still not exactly sure what we had witnessed, but then my mate and I began to research this thing a little further, for the following few weekends and years when we could we often went into the bush searching for this strange creature and traces of it.


Then one Sunday on a rainy day when the tip was closed for the weekend we were at the tip, near where all of the glass bottles were kept (maybe for recycling), we noticed a lot of broken glass on the ground, then we saw a giant foot print in the broken glass but the glass under the print had just been pushed down as tough it wasn't even there??


I  have had 1 more encounter up at the tip, and another at a place called Rocky ponds which is about 6 Kms away from the tip.

I love the bush up there, when ever I am on leave I often still go back to the cave, but never unarmed , there is something out there and I don't want to ever be on its bad side, most of my mates have since been married and moved away, I am now 32 and live in Townsville, but my mate and I still believe that he is out there still.


I told my folks at the time , they thought it was our imagination, but I have seen some frightening things in my years, but nothing compares to the cold fear that night.





[AYR Youtube comment 17-11-2019

I remember hearing about the story of the night the group seen the man/thing/ ( or who or what ever) bashing the fire out with its bare hands, the story has been somewhat distorted and embellished from Actual events, but it was from what I have been told, an unforgettable event.


They were the days when no one would have believed them because they were so young. The story goes the guys were in the cadets, training for the ARA, One of the guys wanted to be at the camp that night, but he was at a blue light disco.


The other guys decided to go back from the spot where they were camping from to collect their friend from the Blue light disco at about 10.30 pm. They went down the hill past the tip (there was no fire at the time the boys went down the hill past the tip).


When the guys arrived at the disco to collect their friend, they grabbed his gear and they all proceeded up the hill again to the camp site. It was when the group came around the corner to the tip they noticed the fire burning at approximately 1130 pm. The group thought it might have been a homeless person or an escaped lunatic making a camp fire.


The group decided to bypass the large man by proceeding up the Dillon's farm fire trail, placing them approximately 35-40 Meters downhill of the being beside the fire, the cadets were all wearing camouflage uniforms and slowly and silently crept along to the trail as not to be detected, when suddenly the being rose on two feet and stood tall beside the fire silhouetted by the flames.


It was as if the being detected their scent and begun to bash the fire out with its bare hands, except for one smouldering log that it grabbed, then it sprinted uphill like an Olympian through the dense scrub knocking down trees and hurtling through a dark uphill jungle People assumed that the boys had over active imaginations, but they were convinced that they saw something completely unnatural.]


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