Location: Woy Woy

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1968

Time: Night

Witness: L. C.


We were kids at the time, 16 – 17 years old. Myself and a friend were climbing Blackwall Mountain to head over to Ettalong. We often met girls up there and called it our ‘happy hunting ground’.


The only man made thing up there at the time was a water reservoir and it was all flat around there, and there was a wilder area further on that I tried to get to during the day but it’s almost impossible to get through.


We were up there throwing rocks at the reservoir at night and decided to head back down the track. When we got about 100m from the bottom, we were coming close to where the houses start and we heard this noise close beside us.



We looked around and saw this figure standing there holding above its head a tree, or a very large branch. The thing that struck me the most was the head. It was too large and round. It didn’t seem to have much of a neck or no neck at all. It had very very broad shoulders and long arms. It also appeared to be covered in hair.

When we turned to look at it, it threw the tree in our direction.


I’m quite sure it didn’t intend to hit us with it, it just threw it towards us. From what we saw with the size of those thick arms, it could have hit us if it wanted to. It never made any sound, it just threw this branch or tree in our direction. It probably would have been about 20 – 25ft away from us at that time. The limb would have travelled about 10 – 12ft.


We bolted the last 100m down to the lights.


I would say it would have been about 7ft tall. It was very solid and muscular. We couldn’t see its hands because it was grasping this limb. When we turned around it was standing there with it above its head with both arms up. The arms were very wide and muscular. The hair looked to be about an inch long. I couldn’t see any neck at all.





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