Location: Ingleburn, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Sept, 1992



2pm in September 1992 along the banks of the Georges River in south West Sydney near a suburb called Ingleburn, approx 5 kms from nearest road 10 kms from nearest civilisation.


The terrain at the bottom of the valley alongside the river Medium to very dense bush. There were many trees and shrubs, and the ground was covered in dry leaves sticks etc. It was very humid, damp, and shady.


"It looked like a giant black kangaroo only it had no tail or long snout. It was at least 8ft tall covered in dark brown/black fur. Not long shabby fur, but short fur like a dogs. It had a very big body but was like it had no neck? The creature was kind of like a bear but more sleek like a Human.

I didn't witness this alone, as a friend of mine was also with me.


We tried to chase the creature to get a closer look, but as soon as it detected us, it ran into the bush at an incredible speed and lost us within 1 min.

It was unbelievable this thing, it was massive and extremely quick.

It seemed so scared of us it seemed to be running for its life. We followed the trail where it ran there was small trees snapped like twigs and 2 larger trees were uprooted as this beast fled uphill through dense bush incredibly fast, but its trail seemed to disappear once it had lost us.


It ran on two legs - didn't hop. I have never told anyone about this event before and would be happy to sit a polygraph to prove its authenticity and I'm sure my friend would too.

I think about it all the time and thought it about time i told someone. If you want the full story in detail please contact me.


Weather was about 2 in the afternoon clear sunny day.


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