Location: Ingalba State Forest, New South Wales

Event: Shapeshifting Yowie Sighting

Date: 1993

Time: Daytime





Excerpt from the AYR Audio Interview:

I had my sighting some time ago and I think it’s important to have it documented. I’m 44 year old now, and this by far is the most amazing thing that has happened in my life. I don’t see UFO’s or Aliens or anything like that. I just want to tell my story and have it put down on record.


I was living with my then girlfriend, Leah, at a place called Allgomera. Nearby was a forest called Ingalba and we used to go in there all the time and look for pockets of rainforest as we took the dogs for a walk and go exploring. We had a neighbour, Tom, who we were good friends with and we lived there for around 3 years.


On this day, Leah had recently got her L Pates, so Tom was sitting in the passenger seat as the licenced driver because I didn’t have a licence at the time and I was sitting on the bonnet as we drove through the bush. I was loving it. I was 17 at the time, Leah was 18 and I think Tom was about 44.


We were driving along an area we knew as Burnt Bridge Road, and as I was sitting on the bonnet, this creature came up and crossed the road with an almost lumbering style of walk. It was walking slow and with purpose and wasn’t at all worried about us. When it turned to look, it was like I was just insignificant. It put me in a blind panic because I didn’t know what this thing might do to me, I felt completely exposed and Leah kept driving towards it.  I was banging on the window and stomping on the bonnet yelling to stop but she just kept driving. I asked her afterwards why she kept driving towards it and she said that both her and Tom wanted a closer look.


When she did stop the car, this creature had just crossed and began heading up the other side, and they both got out and I ran to the back of the car and got my gun. I just wanted to kill it. I didn’t want this thing roaming around anywhere near where I lived, I wouldn’t feel safe. A lot of people don’t understand that, but I was just a young bloke.


They jumped between us and said not to do it. Then it just disappeared. It vanished as I was watching it, and all 3 of us saw something different. We talked about it over and over for the month after the event.


Tom said it turned into a person and kept walking up the hill. It went behind a tree looking like a Yowie type of thing and came out as a guy wearing a tracksuit. Leah said it turned into a goanna, crawled up and stump and down inside it. To me it just vanished.


It doesn’t make any sense.




Initial submission as written by the Witness:

My name is Matthew. I am a gardener and this is the story of my encounter with a Yowie.


I think the year was 1993, give or take one. I believe it was a winter day because it was about midday and the weather was mild, cool and pleasant.


We had not been drinking or using any drugs. (Often asked during the retelling).


I was living on a property on the Mid North Coast NSW. Allgomera road, Allgomera.


I was living with a girlfriend, Leah, who was witness to the sighting along with our neighbour Tom.


I owned a Holden HG station wagon and we were driving it through Ingalba state forest.


I had brought my .22 rifle with me, which was a bit of a novelty at the time. I had it in the boot of the wagon and I was riding the hood, centre of the bonnet, like a hood ornament. Leah was driving on her learners and Tom was riding shotgun. Tom was about 44 years old. I was maybe 17, Leah 18.


We were driving along Burnt Bridge Road in a westerly direction very slowly. Maybe 10 K/ph at most.


We were quite familiar with this area for we often exercised the dogs, hunted and simply explored this forest.


I sensed the Yowie before I saw it. It had a presence about it that emanated. I think I knew what was coming. I felt anxious. Then I could hear it. The brush and lantana getting crushed and moved. I wanted the car to stop. I wanted to be inside it, or somewhere else. I didn't feel safe.


Then it appeared, out from the scrub, moving to cross the road directly in front of us. I panicked! It seemed so close, impossibly big and so very alien.

This creature was not meant to exist. Yet here it was walking right in front of me in broad daylight. It came up from the right side, the lower embankment moving casually with a long, lurching stride.


Upright posture, disproportionately long, thick arms swinging. Short thick neck on broad shoulders. The gait indicated massive power. Long brown hair with a hint of red, short or bald on the face. A semi humanoid face, like a cross between a Neanderthal and a gorilla. The eyes were deep and dark that reflected copper/bronze in the light. Intelligent eyes.


My memory fails me to describe the nose or mouth in more detail. It had no apparent ears. I didn't notice the size of the feet or genitalia, but it seemed obviously an adult male in its prime.


The creature looked in my direction as it approached the mid point of the road. I was in full panic, banging my foot on the bonnet hard as I could and yelling for Leah to stop.


She kept driving forward. I felt like the Yowie could have easily plucked me off and eaten me if it chose to.


It may have been about 6 metres in front. Leah stopped. The Yowie never broke it's stride, but continued southbound.

I ran to get my gun. Although the Yowie showed no sign of aggression or hostility it had scared me so badly that I wanted it dead.


As I fumbled with loading bullets, Leah and Tom got out to follow the Yowie. I couldn't believe it!


I should have thought they would be at least as afraid as I was, but no. They were telling me not to shoot it. I watched them follow the Yowie up into the bush a little. I was trying to take aim. Then the most bizarre thing happened.


To me the Yowie vanished into thin air, right before my eyes. Gone. And I knew it for sure. I lowered the gun. Tom started yelling, "where'd it go?".

Leah said "it's over here". I said "it's not anywhere now, it disappeared".


Tom was running up the hill shouting "hey, come back, who are you?!" "Matt don't shoot, there's someone up here." Leah was yelling "It went this way, I saw it go in here".


I let Tom go. It was all too confusing. I put the gun down. Leah was desperate for me to go see what she found. I told her again the Yowie is gone, it vanished. She said "I know".


Then she asked "didn't you see it turn into the goanna"? Tom's still up the hill yelling out to some imaginary person neither myself nor Leah could see.


Leah was so excited! She's pointing at a tree stump telling me the goanna is inside it. After what I'd just witnessed I couldn't care less about a goanna. She said it's the Yowie goanna in there and so I knew the hollow stump would be empty. And it was. Leah looked completely shocked. " But I saw the Yowie turn into a goanna, climb this stump and down into it." She circled the stump a few times utterly confused.


Knowing I'd witnessed something completely different to Leah (who thought I just missed the goanna bit), I started to suspect Tom probably saw something different too.


It took a lot for us to convince Tom to return. What he'd seen was the Yowie walking behind a tree and coming out the other side an average sized man wearing a tracksuit who continued walking southbound.


He wasn't sure if there was a new person or if the Yowie had transformed.


Tom and Leah say at no point they felt afraid. They also felt the presence of the Yowie approaching some time before seeing it. We all saw the same thing as it crossed the road, up until the change. I don't recall any smell.


There were no footprints and absolutely no other evidence of a creature moving though. I estimate the height between 8 & 9 foot. Very heavy set & muscular. It made no sound of its own. Only the bushes rustling and breaking.


This is by far the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.


I have retold this event to the best of my recollection, leaving nothing out.




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