Location: Leura, New South Wales


Event: Yowie Animal Kill


Date: 1995


Source: Neil Frost.









A member of a notorious Bikers gang living West of Sydney had his Prize Goat in the top pen of his backyard and his two aggressive attack dogs in the bottom pen near the house. He was very proud of his Goat and showed it at many events throughout the year.


Late one night he was sitting in his lounge room when he heard the Goat and dogs going crazy. His first thought was that the dogs were getting at the Goat as they were snapping, snarling and barking wildly. He quickly ran outside and saw the dogs were still in their pen.


He looked up to the goat’s pen to see a 7’ hairy creature with bright red eyes that illuminated in the dark, in the pen with the goat. The dogs were biting wildly at the gate trying to get to attack the intruder. The man was stunned by what he saw, he opened the gate and ordered the dogs to attack.


As the dogs raced towards the Yowie, it leapt over the fence into the tree line and ran into the night.


The dogs also ran into the bush barking and growling. The man’s thoughts were that the Yowie was in big trouble, for these dogs were trained to kill. But the mans confidence in his dogs suddenly diminished when they started to yelp and ran out of the bush with their tails between their legs.


The dogs ran straight passed the man and kept running.


Very angry, the man grabbed a shotgun and cautiously walked to the silent goat, only to find that it had been decapitated.


The next day the Biker was still furious, he took the torso of the goat and ran heavy chain through the spinal cord, then hung it up 7’ high in a tree at the base of the tree line. That night he had both his dogs in the house with the lights off and he had in his possession a machine gun.


As the night became longer, the dogs started to get disturbed by something out side. He looked through the window and heard a crashing noise coming through the bush, then the red eyes appeared. The dogs started going crazy again and were clawing at the door.

As the beast reached the corps, he flung open the door to release the dogs but they would have no part of it, they wouldn’t leave the house.


The Biker launched himself into action, firing the whole clip of the oozie straight at the target as he raced towards it, the eyes disappeared. He put the torch on the area to find that there was no blood, he hit nothing and the remains of the goat were also gone.


The neighbors upon hearing the gunfire called the Police who came and arrested the man for an illegal firearm.










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