Location: Leura (base of Leura Cascades), New South Wales


Event: Stalked

Date: 1999 to early 2000.




A local resident (male approx 23yo) described how he and a group of
friends were having a bonfire in a clearing in a patch of rainforest at the base
of Leura Cascades at night.


They had decided to go back to Katoomba via the Upper Linda Creek track to buy some beer. As they were running back up the track they heard a creature running parallel to them through the bush at the side of the track. Whenever they stopped the creature would stop.


They initially believed that it was a wallaby, however after several recurrences of the running/stopping behavior they realized that it was not a wallaby and became frightened.


They did not return to the area that night. I asked the man whether he had heard any noises or smelt anything unusual in the area. He mentioned that on previous visits to the area he has heard whoop whoop calls (described without prompting) and other unusual noises such as the crashing of something heavy through the undergrowth.

The area concerned is a popular spot with local walkers and is often used
by local youth for overnight parties. It is heavily timbered with coachwood
and mountain ash and quite dark in places even during the midday sun.











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