Location: Lithgow, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting
Date: 2000



I thought you would be interested in a experience I had with what I now believe was a yowie.

It was around 10am on a school day approximately 10 years ago while I was taking the day off school.
I decided to walk up to an area near my house called the old air strip.

At the bottom of what is called Scenic Hill. I wondered how I would get to the top (VERY little room next to the road to walk).

I thought my safest bet would be to head up through the bush and basically around a tight windy road.

I was 100 meters into the bush and i got this incredible sense of fear which stopped me dead in my tracks. I looked up around the top of the hill and saw this rather large "black human" as I put it at the time.

This large beast was sprinting fast through the thick bushland and was snapping large trees like they were twigs! This area is extremely unlike to have people due  to the ruggedness and the lack of well any track what so ever. After seeing this, I took around 5 steps backwards and turned and then ran for my life!

Didn't think an awful lot about what I saw in the bush that day until I began to meet other people that had seen similar things. It wasn't until some serious research that I realized the extent of the sighting in the Blue Mountains area alone.

Best of luck with your research, and I would love to help in any way I can.







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