Location: Lithgow, New South Wales (Bells Road)

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2004





I feel I was very lucky – very blessed to have seen this.


I used to go to this location with my dog, and I would sit there and sing. The rocks were like a big ameptheatre. I think it was probably my singing that brought it out, although can’t be sure.


It was an ordinary day. The dog and I went to the location to do my signing. It was a weekday, so there was nobody around.


We were walking back out down a walking track, probably only 100m away from houses. The dog stopped and turned and was tilting her head from side to side. This thing was probably about 30-40m away. I just couldn’t believe it. Here was this great big thing, strolling along this rock edge, perfectly balanced. I watched it from a side view and from behind for probably about 20-30 seconds before it walked behind a rock. I presume it squatted down. I felt it was well aware of me, in fact I think it had been following us.


Had the dog not heard it and turned, I wouldn’t have known. So it makes me wonder how many other times this thing had seen me there, because I had been walking there for two years by myself with the dog.


 If he hadn’t been covered in hair, he would have been a gorgeous shaped guy. He was tall, almost fine boned and a V-Shape. Almost like a Human, but taller and covered in this beautiful black hair. The hair wasn’t that think that I couldn’t see through it and see the muscles. I could see the muscles, so it was no suit.


The skin was dark, almost black and the hair was jet black. I thought it was either a young or teenage animal. It had a neck, it wasn’t hunched over, like a really fit guy on steroids. Muscled up, but not over muscled.


He strolled around that rock so easily. When I climbed it two weeks later, I clung to it. There was no way I could stroll around it.


It went around the back of this big boulder and disappeared. I didn’t see or hear another thing.



It was bold, I feel he knew I was there and wasn’t scared of me in any way, and I wasn’t very scared either. It was an amazing event.

I had a minor stroke a few days ago, so I thought I had better get this out while I can.


Its balance was unbelievable as it was strolling along this ledge with its arms down and swinging. I couldn’t see any Human being able to do that.


It was a good 3ft taller than me, which would be over 8ft tall. All the Reports I’ve read and listened to all mention about being a heavy set. This one wasn’t a heavy set. It was well built, but not a heavy set. And it didn’t have fur, it was hair and it was kind of sparse so I could see the muscles working. He had hair on its feel, but not a lot. Its skin wasn’t brown, it was black’ish.



It looked more Human than Ape. Its arms and legs were a bit longer than ours, but basically in proportion. He was absolutely beautiful. He had a V-Shape physique that tapered down to his waist


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