Location: Lismore, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Various

Date: 2001

Source: Northern Star. Sat 26th of Jan, 2002.
     - Rosemary Clark.


If a man sees a Yowie he will talk about it in whispers to his closest friends, but if anybody should ask him about the sighting he will deny everything.

Since the 1890's Yowie sightings have been a regular occurrence in the Upper Clarence region of Northern NSW.

Two sightings in the 1970's caused much media speculation and scientific teams attempted to investigate the reports, but unfortunately the women who reported the sightings were subject to ridicule and no further sightings have been officially reported.

The most recent alleged sightings was at the end of November 2001, very early in the morning when the two women went out to check on a mare due to give birth. The two women saw what appeared to be an ape-like creature, about 180cm tall, covered in dark hair.

After the initial shock, the younger woman followed the creature at a safe distance while the older woman went back to the house to get a camera.

The younger woman watched as the creature moved towards the rock face of the escarpment but cloud and mist rolled in and the creature disappeared from view. When the two women phoned neighbours they were told to 'just shut up about it; it doesn't say anything, it will only cause trouble'. The women met this attitude in every person they told.

Another sighting on the same section of mountain range just 12 months earlier caused a similar reaction.

Many timber workers tell of sightings in the same region. One was in the River Tree area about 10 years ago when a truck driver had a close-up look at a Yowie for about five minutes with the creature within 20 metres of the timber rig.







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