Location: Minto, New South Wales


Date: Nov 10, 1973


Date of report: 12th of November, 1973


Source: Daily Telegraph, Sydney


Witnesses: Garry Strike and Joe Harty.







Two teenagers have reported the first sighting of the notorious Minto monster. Gary Strike, 14, of Campbelltown and his friend Joe Harty were rabbit trapping on Saturday when they heard the screeching wail which has terrorised Minto residents for the past week.


When they went to investigate, the boys caught sight of something “tall, black and fat.” “We both ran for our lives – we we’re as scared as anything,” Garry said yesterday.


Garry’s father, an insurance investigator, said both boys were white with fear when they reached home. “We saw a black figure near the trees,” Garry said.

“It was black, and had arms and legs and a pointed face. When we went back the next day, we found a lot of wood which had been crushed.”


Minto residents have been searching the area for a week looking for the cause of the strange noise which has terrified animals.


Searchers have so far found a large claw mark and some residents think the monster may be a Crocodile.














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