Location: Middle Brother Mountain, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1973

Time: Midday 




We were on a School Excursion with about 25 people at the time, and we had wondered away from the group down towards the creek beds looking for stones and what not. We heard noises in the bushes coming from our left, and it was moving parallel with us. At the time we thought it was one of the older kids trying to scare at us because we wondered off, so we started throwing rocks at it, laughing and carrying on. We were making a fair bit of noise.


At that point we saw it. It was a Humanoid I guess you could say. It was about 7 and a half to 8ft tall with a dark brown hair all over its body. It moved quick through the trees and up the ravine and up over the top and disappeared. We all saw it. If we had bears in Australia, I would say it was a bear. It was on two legs, the hair was a long matted brown with bits a slightly lighter colour and it had a really big stride. It moved pretty quick. It was pretty solid, he was a big boy. It would have weighed about 150-170kg. It was stooped over a bit like its shoulders were rounded forward.


We went back to the group and told the Rangers and they all laughed at us. The other kids all laughed at us and gave us a hard time for about 2 years. Our parents laughed at us.


I didn’t go outside for about 3 years afterwards, it scared the life out of me.


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