Location: Mt Kembla, New South Wales


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: 1988









Dear Dean,

After posting a notice on your message board, it was suggested to us to e-mail to you our report on our sighting.(My girlfriend is typing this for me).


Well it was actually worse than a sighting, I felt that this thing was hunting me! Could you please let us know if there has been any other sightings in this area over the years.


This happened to me in my late teenage years (I am now 36 years old) but the

experience has never left me and since I have no doubt that these things exist as I saw it with my own eyes, so believe me, you are definitely not wasting your time, these things are definitely very real.

My name is Richard MacDonald and I am a born and bred Wollongong lad. At the
time I was living with my parents and was going out with a girl (who I'd rather not name, but she later was to become my wife.) Because I lived with my parents still and so did my girlfriend, we obviously did not get much privacy, so one Sunday evening, I decided to drive up to Mount Kembla (which is in the mountains of Wollongong) for some 'quiet' time alone with my girlfriend.


I decided to go to a place that I had stopped at before with my mates, which was 3/4 of the way up Mount Kembla Road on a bend. A dirt track leading into a small clearing, surrounded by heavy semi-rainforest bush land.

Due to the steep slope, light could penetrate from the city below. We had been there for about 1/2 an hour. We jumped into the back of the car and both of us had our clothes off. Things were getting very heated, when all of a sudden I had this sudden feeling of complete dread come over me.

Its nearly unexplainable how frightened I became, it was nearly paralyzing. I slowly turned my head around and the image I saw still lives in my mind to this day. The 'thing', clearly attracted by the 'scent' of our 'actions', was about 20 feet away from my car. It was in a crouching position and with piercing glowing round red eyes was looking directly at me. The moon (the only light besides from the city) was shining from the east so I could only see the outline of its head, and its eyes however my guess (from the proportion of its head) this thing would have been about 10 foot tall if standing.


I estimate its head to be 2 foot high by 1.4 foot wide. The gap between its eyes would have been at least 6 inches apart. I definitely felt very threatened by it and had the feeling that this thing was hunting us.


Needless to say I jumped into the drivers seat and took off out of there
without even stopping to put my underclothes on for at least 2-3 kilometers and the rest of my clothing until much later even yet! Looking back there is several points of interest to be noted.

1. This creature had come 'up-wind' to my location.

2. Spending 2-3 years hunting with my brother 'spotlighting' at  night, I have seen animals with fluro green, yellow and possibly a fluro orange color lit up by the spotlight, but had never seen anything like this that shone red with very little light.

3.Didn't really think much of this at the time but me and my mates had been bush walking in that area during the daytime prior to this when approached by a farmer who stated to us not to stay in the area too long and seemed very concerned for out welfare. His concern made allot more sense after this happened to me.

4.Also remembering how my friend Chris Roberts had told me how he had heard
about cows being decapitated in the Mount Nebo area. This is apparently documented in Wollongong library where it was suggested that a wild cat might be roaming the area.

5. About ten years later I decided that the best people to consult about what I saw would be the local Aboriginal people. The first person that I spoke to confirmed that what I saw was well known amongst the Aboriginal people. He told me what it was called but I cannot remember what he called it. Goonjas, Gunjas or something like that.

Could you please write back to me and let me know if you know of any other sighting in this area and if not where I would go to find out. I am still curious after all these years of the 'thing' I feel that possibly would have taken my and my girlfriends life if given the chance or if I hadn't sensed that it was there.

Kind regards
Richard MacDonald.
PS: I could still point out the exact spot today where it was if I had to.













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