Location: Mt Kembla, New South Wales


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: 1993








I wanted to report a sighting some time ago (I would have been about seventeen-I’m now thirty two).



I grew up in the Illawarra…and my friends and I were at the lookout on Mount Keira/Mt Kembla (I will have to get a map out and have a look to remember exactly- its been a few years since I’ve been to the location) at night chatting on the CB radio (as was fashionable back then) when I got this eerie feeling.  


I looked up and could see two ‘eyes’ (reflections of against the light from the low lights) and they were easily 7 or eight feet tall…and all of a sudden there was a loud grumble noise, and the bush directly across from us sounded like something was crashing through it and fast.


It was certainly too big to be a deer, and we didn’t stick around to find out what it was…we left post haste!


The next time I saw it - I was alone with my boyfriend, and as we were driving down from the top of the mountain toward the lookout-same one we had been at that night…when I saw it standing in the bush beside the road on my side of the road.


I panicked let me tell you- I’ve seen ghosts and spirits before- but this thing scared the shit out of me - it was HUGE-and I knew it was ‘real’ – not some ghostly apparition- it was definitely flesh and bone! It was an orangey colour - and I again saw its eye flash from the car lights- which is what alerted me to its presence…



I’m wracking my brain trying to come up with any more details (dates etc) and anything else I remember about it…it was so long ago- and I kind of ‘blocked’ it out of my mind- it was only by chance I found your site – I was trying to find out about hauntings and ghosts on Mt Kembla and Mt Keira- and somehow this site popped up.



I read it and was stunned to find other people had seen what I saw- and I knew I had to let you know!



If you want any more information feel free to email me,

Keep up the good work!


Marie Brooker.













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