Location: Narromine, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Encounter

Date: Sept, 1979 




Dear Dean,

I would like to relay a story my mother had told me.

We use to live in a small town in NSW named Narromine. It was built on a aboriginal burial site. One night my mother and some of her friends decided to for a swim at the local river with was called 'Three Mile' for it was three miles out of town.


Now to get to the river you would have to drive down a small dirt tack. They reached the river bank and parked the van. This would have been about 12:00am if i can remember, suddenly one of my mother's friends show a figure floating across the river coming start towards them. Then they all heard a noise of something running or crashing through the tree just to the side of the van.

Then all of a sudden this guy came running out of the bush and jumped in to the car and told them to get the hell out of here, for something was chasing him.
As this was happening the ghostly figure was still moving across the water and was almost to the river bank, then with a loud bang or something hit the side of the van. They all looked out to see what had happened and they all saw two red eyes looking straight back at them.


By this time the driver of the car had the car turned back on and put his foot to the metal and got the hell out of there. When they got back to the main road the car was a total right off, and they never spoke of that night or what had happened to anyone.

That is just one of the stories that I have been told about for there was a lot more in the other towns that were close by as well.


 Please could you tell me if there was been any other sighting of the same thing in the area by other people or from the other towns close by. There were other reports about three mile that there were a couple of people found out there with their sucked out of them I don't know if it has anything to do with what they saw there at night or if it had anything to do with the creature that seems to live out there?


I have been told that they closed the road off to three mile now and that no one is allow to enter at all these days.



T. Freen






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