Location: Oberon, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2009




I think my 4 yr old son Xavier had a Yowie sighting while we were mushroom picking at Oberon. Yes heard the jokes, I can assure you that they were edible mushrooms. I cant remember the exact date, but it was in May & it was around midday.

We were at the Oberon end of Jenolan State forest walking up a fire trail. We were spread out, there was 6 of us. While we were looking for mushrooms, Xavier walk  about 15 - 20mtrs ahead around a small bend, no far.

 Not sure how long, but as I've seen Xav come back around the corner, he didn’t look happy. More like worried, I said what's up mate?? I'm not sure what he said, but we ended up walking towards the bend, with Xav saying don’t go up there dad, there’s Chewbacca.


Honestly Dean, I do believe.. But I didn’t expect it coming from a 4 yr olds mouth .haha.. So myself and Xav walked around the bend and went up a into the bush about 3 metres to where he says he saw it.  I did find some poo but it looked old and more like cat/possum?? Keeping in mind that we do talk about phenomena stuff at home & he is 4 with an imagination..


He started to say how it was like Chewbacca, I said did it walk on 4 feet like our dog?? He said no, it went boom boom  boom, as he stomp. His elder brother Izak said, was it a kangaroo?? Xav said no. it went boom boom boom. I said did it see you??? He said no, it sniffed & walk away.

He did seemed worried when I was walking up around where he had seen his yowie. Any way we have a star wars game with Chewbacca in it and when Xav is asked about what he saw, he points to what's on the game.

Also I was lying in bed one morning listening to the boys play and there was some cartoon about Bigfoot on TV and Xav said to Izak, see Izak that’s what I saw at mushrooming..... and only today (14/6/09) when we were talking about stuff, I asked Xav what did he see and after his brother Izak said it must of been a kangaroo, Xav said straight a way, no Izak, it was a big bear, standing up...

So then I was telling a friend  who thinks alike & he suggested to give you an email, so here it is........ 







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