Location: Oberon, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1991

Witness: Mr. SIMON



I was near the Kanangra Boyd National Park. There is a very steep gully on the Eastern side of the road on a property known as “High Weliki”.

It was drizzling, but good light.

It was two metres plus tall, had brown matted hair/fur and a very very strong odour (Like roadkill that has been lying on the ground in the sun for a Week).

It had very broad shoulders and appeared to have no obvious neck. I didn’t see the facial details because it has its back to me and walking through very dense scrub.

Apart from nearly sh8tting myself, and having a sense of intense fear, I did fire a shot at it from my .22 rifle (I was out hunting rabbits when I saw it). This had absolutely no effect on it and it didn’t even turn. It just kept heading towards McKewans Creek.

The reason I won’t be interviewed is because in a small town like Oberon, people will ridicule you, however you can phone me and I will talk to you ‘off the record’.






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