Location: Oxley Island, New South Wales


Date: March, 1977


Date of report: March 11, 1977


Source: Manning River times


Witness: Betty Gee







An Oxley Island family believes their family could have been visited by a Yowie. They didn’t link two incidents on their property within the last two weeks, until hearing a radio report of a local search for an Australian version of the Himalayan abominable snowman.


Mrs. Gee told the Times yesterday how the family returned home two weeks ago to find strange footprints around the house. “The old tank stand had collapsed. The timber was fairly rotten but the day was clear and fine, without a breath of wind.”


She said. Mrs. Gee described the footprints as not belonging to any animal she knows. “I’d swear on a stack of Bibles it was a two legged animal – the single footprints were spaced at intervals similar to a Human gait.”


The footprints appeared as a Kidney shaped pad, about the size of an out-stretched hand, with marks appearing like toe impressions out the front and one at the back. “It must have been fairly heavy as the footprints were well embedded into the ground.”


He said. The footprints led across a newly ploughed paddock, around the garden and into a shed on the property. Mrs. Gee said she blamed herself for not taken a photograph at the time, as the rain has now washed them away.


She rang the neighbours, said the tank was down, described the footprints, and they all laughed about it and even gave it a name, the Monster of Oxley Island.


The they told her that in the previous three nights, they had heard high pitched screams, not like any animal. Before that, Mrs. Gee noticed from the house, a “strange looking animal” on the wharf a few hundred metres away.


At first she thought it was a cow, but looking through her binoculars thought to herself, it could have been an ape.


She didn’t think much more of it until hearing of the planned search for a Yowie.














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