Location: Pambula, New South Wales


Event: Shot Fired at Yowie


Date: 1977


Date of report: June 20, 1982


Source: Sunday Press Newspaper


Witness: Kos Guines







Kos guines of Frankston, fired rabbit-shot into a black Yowie-like creature in Southern NSW in 1977.


“It didn’t even grunt,” he said. “It just loped off”. Mr Guines paused from business at his Frankston fruit shop to recall his strange encounter. “I was rabbit shooting at a lonely spot on the Pambula Road in high Country at dusk,” he said.


I was stalking for rabbits when there was a crash in the bracken behind me. I swung around, startled - anticipating perhaps a Kangaroo - and saw the back of a huge black creature like a Gorilla making off from only about 10 metres.


I brought up my gun and took a shot at it. No way I’d miss from that range. But it made no noise, just loped off into a cavity in the scrub.”


Kos Guines went to stand guard over his sons, who were washing Rabbits in a nearby creek. “They knew from the state I was in that I wasn’t making it up,” he said.


Mr Guines was struck by the dome-like head and the apparent absence of a neck on the pitch-black creature. “Night fell and I couldn’t look for signs,” he said.


“We’ve been back each year since without seeing anything odd.” Kos believes the initial warning noise was the animal pulling up in shock.


“I think we scared each other equally,” he grinned.















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