Location: Pickett Hill, New South Wales


Event: Aboriginal Sacred Area Protected by Yowie


Date: June 15, 2000


Source: The Advocate (Coffs Harbour)







Nunguu Miiral Aboriginal Area



Previously known as Pickett Hill, the 15 hectare site is now officially a special Aboriginal area as of 14th June 2000.


It is one of the most prominent landmarks between Nambucca and Coffs Harbour. It is regarded as the most significant cultural and spiritual site for the Gumbaynggir people of the North Coast, relating to a dreamtime story of a sacred kangaroo.


The hill top is a mens-only area and the National Parks and Wildlife Service is erecting signs asking people to respect the wishes of the Gumbaynggir and not climb the hill.


Russell Walker, a local elder, said the area was believed to be protected by a Barga hairy man (like the white fellas Yowie).


"There are protectors on the mountain. A lot of people who go up there get sick. The older people tell the younger people not to go up there," Mr Walker said.


"Aboriginal people can sense and feel things. It's a sacred area - the golden kangaroo dreaming."


The renaming of the site marks the culmination of a twenty five year struggle by the NPWS and the local Gumbaynggir elders for the protection of the area. It marks an important step in the reconciliation process between Australians with our past.
















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