Location: Parks and Central District, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting (Multipule)

Date: 13th of April, 2013


Exact location withheld by Witness (Part Aboriginal)





Mr. Hall, 47, was metal detecting in rugged forest in central NSW (within 130km of Forbes), at 2.30pm on Saturday afternoon on April the 13th.

While searching for Gold amongst large rocks, his metal detector beeped and he stopped to dig about the surface of the dirt. At that point, he heard what he initially thought was a dog growling. The growling began to break out in grunting and groaning, and now sounded like at least two dogs.

Mr. Hall quietly turned the metal detector off, removed his hat, ducked behind the large rocks and watched the area where the noises emanated from.

“All of a sudden the first one stepped out, two more stepped out, then another one after that”, said Mr. Hall.

“The first one was a big fella. A greyish whitish colour. He was huge. He was grey and whitish. It was like looking at a man and like looking at a Gorilla. Covered in hair, like a man covered in hair, you know what I mean. Had this huge head on it and he had this sloping forehead and these big massive eyebrows along the top, you know. He was not really hairy on the face, it was like partial hair, if you know what I mean. Sort of like a beard off him at the front, and it was like half his face was showing and half was covered by this beard. When I first saw him, he was standing side on.

Then out stepped two little ones and I’ve gone, ghhhh…. I was gobsmacked, I’ve just gone ‘F* me’, then all of a sudden out stepped this other one which was a bit shorter than he was, and it looked like a female because she had big breasts on her, you know what I mean.

He stepped out and looked around, then the other two stepped out and in front of him, then about 3 seconds later the big female stepped out.

The male, you should have seen the size of the bloody thing. When he stood there, he looked around and then the two stepped out and when they stepped around him, he kind of turned sideways and was looking my way but off to the right a bit, and you could see him full on. He was huge, he was wide as, he would have been 3ft across the shoulders easy. He was massive.

He was solid as, mate. You could actually see the shape of his body under his fur, you know what I mean, like, he was huge. His arms were massive. You could see as he was standing there moving around, turning around looking and that, his legs were partially bent at the knees. His arms were dangling down by his knees.

I could draw you a bloody picture of it.

This is how I can explain it to you; it looked like a Human being covered in hair, but it was massive like a big great F*ing Gorilla. The face was half Gorilla, half Human, you know what I mean. I’ve got to draw a picture. I said to the missus, I’ve got to get some art pencils and draw this thing, I have to draw its face, it was huge.

He had a sloping forehead, he had this square kind of muscly head, big features, I could see his face and the eyes, eyebrows, the mouth with this beard hanging off the bottom of it. He didn’t have much of a neck, it was like someone had picked his head up and stuck it straight on his shoulders.

His hair wasn’t messy, it was kind of finger length. The colour was a greyish white, he was an old looking soul. To put him in a Human reference, he would have been about…… ohhh…. probably….. mid 60’s?

The big female, she was a browney colour. She would have been a real light chocolaty brown. Well, not really a chocolaty brown, how could I put it…. ahhhh… have you ever seen an orang-utan? It looked like that type of hair, that type of colour but a bit darker, an orangey reddish brown colour.

I’m 6’1” and 140kg, the male would have been 3 times my weight easy [Paraphrased Quote].

The two little ones that stepped out would have been a browney black colour. The big male looked like he was going from youth to his mid sixties. The female looked like late 30’s early forties, you know what I mean.

When I was squatting behind the rocks, I could see all four of them crystal clear. If I had a camera mate, I could have taken the best photos ever.

The little ones would have come up to about half way up my rib cage, one of them looked like a female. To me, they looked like twins. But one was a solid build and one was a smaller build. And you could see her breasts, you know, but they weren’t very big, but she was in proportion with her body. The hair on her breasts wasn’t very long hair, her hair was pretty short.

When they stopped, their limbs were half bent, but I couldn’t hang my hands down where they had their hands, you know what I mean.

The face difference between the young ones and the older ones was similar, but the younger ones looked more Human-like, like Human faces with hair on it.

The big female squatted down and started pulling leaves off plants, and then the two little one squatted down and started pulling leaves. The big male picked up a few leaves then walked over to a tree and tore a chunk off it and ate something out of it. I don’t know if it was grubs or what not, but he ate something out of the bark and that, then hurled it. He pulled more bark off and started breaking branches, made a few grunts and that. I wish you were there to see it.

From the back the big female looked like the young ones, but from the colour in the side and from front on, you could see the age in her.

Basically, he stood out, the little ones stood and she stood out. The little ones went to the front and started picking at leaves and berries and the female snapped a branch and ate the leaves. The little ones picked 3 or four berries in their hand, tilted their heads back and put them in their mouths, you know, and the male was snapping branches off and eating them like that.

When they walked, they were a bit stooped over, big strides and their arms were swinging. I would have to show you how they walked, you know what I mean? Bent at the knees and stooped a bit forward, you know what I mean. Like an old man, you know. I could show you spot on how they did it.

They spend about 8 minutes eating while I was squatted behind the rocks, then the big fella, he stood up and started looking around, then the female, she stood up and started looking around. The two big ones started sniffing the air, and the two little ones started looking around, but they were still eating, then the female went back down and started eating a bit.

Then he grabbed a handful off the bush and grunted a low guttural noise, then she grabbed a handful off the bush, the little ones grabbed a handful, then they all got up and started walking away. They started walking away from where I was.

They started walking through the scrub and I walked to a position where I could watch them. He was in front, the two little ones in the middle and she was right there close behind, and like, her hands were always touching the back of them.

They were walking along looking around and sometimes he would stop and stand really tall sniffing the air, she’d do the same and they’d walk off again. And they kept doing this.

Then they got to a clump of rocks and trees, walked through a gap in the rocks, and they pretty much disappeared out of sight.

I bolted around the tree line to the rocks where there was this little mound or a hill sort of thing, and came around the other side and it was all clear. You could see through all the bushes and that. It was all pretty crystal clear and there was pretty much flat ground and they weren’t there. You couldn’t see them. There was no way they could have got away from me that quick. You know what I mean. They disappeared when they walked through the rocks.

There was a clearing where they walked through the rocks, so walked down and then though F* this, I’m going…..

I needed to talk to someone about it, so I told my wife and she said to go see the Aboriginal Alders about it, so I did. I sat down with them, around the fire and told them about it. We were probably there 4 or 5 hours talking about it.







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