Location: Pilliga, New South Wales


Event: Yowie Sightings


Date: 2003


Source: S. Grube






Hi Dean,



I've been doing as you suggested i.e.: obtaining information about brining them out. At this point in time it's still on going, however an other story has come to light which is consistent as interaction between the Yowie and people goes.


An Aboriginal inmate informed me of an encounter he had.


He was with a mate out shooting roo's. They were hiding behind some bushes waiting for what they thought were roo's coming towards them, however it turned out to be a 10 feet tall yowie. He described it as having a chest the size of a 44-gallon drum. It came out of the bush, looked at them and went back into bush. He said he didn’t shoot it, because he couldn’t. 


This inmate I have known for many years and as criminals go I have found to be so. He went on with more info, about their habits. The males are not too dangerous; it's the females that can be a problem especially when they have kids with them. He also said that when he was camping in a tent, a Yowie circled his tent all night.


He admits that he has never been more frightened in all his life. And you can with out mistake hear them when they move through the bush (so what the heck was snapping them bloody branches, the night we were at Polblue?) I asked him if he believes the Yowie is an animal or more human and he thinks they are closer to being human.


Another Aboriginal inmate referred to the Yowie as " DOOLAGAHL " ( I have also known this inmate for may years and he's as mad as a cut snake ! However he is consistent) we briefly spoke about the Doolagahl, and the way he described how they pull out trees had me thinking " O' SH*T . 


This fellow has now been sentenced and hopefully I can find out more before we ship him out.


The information is coming in a lot quicker than ever before, and it's consistent.


My friend Peter (whom has had several experiences with the Yowie) has been receiving information from the Krambach area.


I hope to gain the trust of local property owners for access purposes.


Peter find's it hard to believe that you can go to an area and find them or evidence of them most of the time. I however, (and I try to explain it to him) can go to an area where I know there's a particular species of reptile and most times find it, if they are it home.    


If my math's is correct and I can spare  $ 41:00 ( which will give me a range of 410 km ) I'll head back to the Pilliga in a day or two.


That's all for now.




S. Grube













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