Location: Pilliga, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Roadside Sighting

Date: 1982+



I  live in Newcastle nsw and have been a truck driver for roughly 18 years.

On Friday 14th of this month I came across your website after searching Google, and wanted to firstly say thank you for a wonderful Website that I have spent hours searching around and reading all the information it has and it has really left me enthralled.

The reason that I am emailing you is to say that as a truck driver and for years having travelled across the Pilliga region, I have had a lot of things happen there that until reading your Website I have now felt been answered for me.

 To explain a little of what I am trying to get across, is that for years as I say I have had some things happen between Coonabarabran and Narrabri and even between Mallaly which is 30 minutes west of Gunnedah, and between Mallaly and Coonabarabran had some things happen out there that I can't explain either, and I have always kept it to myself and not talked to anyone about it. 

I guess in the same way that a lot of what I have read about from others in that like myself they feel that nobody would believe them and people would think they are crazy.

I want you to bear in mind that i have always believed in the yowie, yeti, bigfoot phenomena for a lot of years and have been fascinated by it yet I never once thought that the things that I had seen in the Pilliga were related to the yowie and I say that honestly, I feel my stories can contribute to your research and I really would like to chat over the phone or even in person if that's possible. 

Writing it all down in an email I don't feel truly expresses what I have to say if that makes sense?

Thank you for your time Dean, and thank you for operating a really awesome Website that us believers can relate to and gain interest from and thank you also as through your Website and what I have read and stories I have listened to I truly feel I have been able to finally relate to others that have told there story and finally feel like truly have some answers for things I have not ever been able to explain.








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