Location: Scotts Head, NSW

Event: Sighting

Date: 2001

Terrain: House surrounded by bush, paddocks and horse sheds.



It started about two weeks after we moved into the house. When we first moved in, I put lots of colourful toys and a cubby outside for the kids to play with. Our bedroom is right next to a Verandah. It started off with rocks being thrown onto the roof about a half hour after we had turned the lights out. Then I heard these big heavy footsteps on the verandah, I tried to wake my partner but couldn't.

After a few nights, she heard it too. We worked out that it was definitely two feet, walking along the verandah. But by the time we got out of bed and to the door it had disappeared. When we walked out onto the verandah there was a bad smell around. After the first couple of encounters, we had to make a bed for our Staffordshire Terrier in the laundry, it was totally scared outside. We were having nightly visits most of summer.

It was really strange, but we worked out that if our green car was parked at the front of the house, then we tended to get movement. If we parked it at the other side of the house, it didn't come.

We were not believers in anything like that, but we went onto the net, and found the website, and contacted Dean.

We felt a lot better about things after they had visited and checked out the site. Dean found a few prints off into the bush.

A few months later, it was still summer, a mate and I were at the back gate looking up to the mountain. We saw a big tree just shake, and the horses came bolting down out of the bush. Then about 200 metres up the mountain we saw this thing run between two trees.

It definitely wasn't a kangaroo, we have them in the area, it was too big and it was running. We had it in view maybe 1 or 2 seconds. It was moving really quick, like it was hiding behind the trees, and running quickly to hide behind the next one. That was about 2 or 3 in the afternoon. It was pretty big, I would guess 6 or 7 feet, and wide.

That same night, we heard a creak on the verandah , and saw a big shadow just step up, and then it went again.

We found a hair sample on one of the kids toys which we sent to Dean. It obviously liked playing with the toys, once it put a ball high up in a tree over the road, I needed a ladder to get it down. The toys were moved around on many occasions.

Once we learnt not to be scared of it we started to make more observations. Like trees broken at right angles. We even tried to duplicate the footsteps, there was no way he could make the same sound.

One night we heard calling on each side of the house, like a distressed mum calling a child to come hear. It was a screeching cry.

Another night we covered the verandah in flour. We got a footprint, but it wasn't very distinctive, just the ball of the foot and a big toe. It was a very unique shape.

We then tried to feed it. We cooked an apple pie, and left it out. It wasn't touched the first night, but the second a big scoop of it was gone. Then we tried popcorn. It took the bag and ripped it open, it obviously didn't like it as there was popcorn everywhere.

The other thing we noticed was it was putting sticks up in the forks of the trees.

All the visits stopped during the Winter.

It is only now that we have started to get the feeling that something is watching or the same uncomfortable feeling.


A.Y.R. Video Report of our Operation at this location, visit - http://www.youtube.com/user/Yowiehunters#p/u/3/aQJBSHjiYlE








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