Location: Springwood, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2005

Time: 12.20am



I was driving down passed near where the speed camera is on the left hand side of the Great Western Hwy and rounded a bend. There is forest both sides of the road and a concrete divider in the middle of the road.



Ahead of me someone stepped out in front of the car, I hit the brakes and locked up. I’ve slid about 15m and by the time I got that distance it was in the lane next to me. It was massive its legs went to the top of my window. I’m talking about 7 to 7’ !/2 foot easily.



It was right next to my side window and it was huge. I’ve slid into the guard rail and got out of the car. Then I started to get freaked out a little, because that wasn’t a person. It was covered in hair. I could hear something moving in the bush, so I got into the car and got out of there.



There was no reason for anyone to be crossing there, because it was just bush both sides. There was nothing else around. It was huge. It was a dark dirty brown colour all over. I saw the side arm and it was long. I had the sense that something was very wrong when I got out of the car and it really freaked me out.








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