Locations: Tabulam NSW

Event: Rumour of a Body

Date: 1997



Source: A local Aboriginal reported this to us after speaking with his Uncle and Auntie. After liaising betwen this man and the U&A, they decided they would not speak publically and withdrew

First correspondence, he writes:

Out at Tabulam mission some of the Aborigines seen hairy men about 4 years ago and I heard this.

Well about 4 years ago 4 Aborigines were walking across the Tabulam bridge and they saw 4 things on the bridge they told them to go off the bridge they all ran except for one that jumped off the bridge (the bridge is very high), about three days later my Auntie and Uncle were walking down the river and saw something floating and turned it over and it was very tiny and stumpy shoulders as big as tree trunks and was heaps solid they rang the police and they rang some person down Sydney and they come and picked it up and never heard of it again.


** The Uncle and Auntie said it had the most horrific face they had seen. At first they thought it was a Human, but on a closer examination, it was not. The Uncle navigated his way down to the stream, and rolled it over with a large branch. The Police called a 'Higher Authority', who came and collected the body. Nothing was ever said since. They were always curious about the end result.**







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