Location: Sunny Corner, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1985

Time: Morning




My brother and myself were hunting for pigs near a pine forest at Sunny Corner. We had been out for about 45 minutes and were following a game trail, and came out to an open area where the trees and scrub was about chest height.


The next minute about 6ft in front of me, I saw this thing and it had its back turned toward me. I was looking at it for a good 15 to 30 seconds. I had a high powered riffle, but it wouldn’t have mattered because this thing was so big. I didn’t raise my riffle. I was looking down the valley as I was walking, then looked ahead and there it was. I presume had been ducked down below the scrub and stood up.


I could see its hair, the pigments of its skin, its ear lobes – I looked at everything. He had its back to me and then paced himself off downhill into the bush.


I wasn’t scared of him. He had his back turned to me and had another agenda. He stood still for about 5 seconds before starting to move away. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I was gobsmacked. You can read about these types of things, but seeing is believing as far as I’m concerned.



It was about 7ft tall and about 4ft across the shoulders. He was tall. I weigh 93kgs and I estimated his weight to be about 300kgs. He was about 3 times my body mass. He was solid. I could only see him from his waist upwards. Everything seemed to be in proportion except for the head. His head looked like an egg on top of a soccer ball. No neck. The hair was about 3” long, not thick like dogs hair, I could see the pigment in its skin all over it – over its back, its neck and its head, like big blotchy freckles. His hair was a reddish brown. He had funny ears; they didn’t have lobes, they were rounded off and they stuck out from the hair.


He didn’t turn around and look at me, but he knew there was something there or some kind of threat and then he moved off and started running, but not fast, and on every step there was a grunt. You could hear the foot fell hitting the ground, then a grunt on each step.


Then he disappeared into the thicket. I was overwhelmed by what I saw.


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